29.05.2023 - European Championships Linedance (Day 2)
The next photo from the WCDF European Championships in Country- and Linedance last weekend in Taucha are published on my website. In the gallery are the pictures of the competitions, the first awards (social divisions) and the shows and medleys in the evening. In the picture Marc Schmid & Emma Mayr, winner in couple dance.

Linedance_EC_Taucha Day_2


27.05.2023 -European Championships Linedance (Day 1)
Here are the first photos of WCDF European Championships in Country- and Linedance. The competition took place last weekend in Taucha near Lepzig. From the first day it was a great athmosphere in the hall and we saw wonderful dancing. Jolina Mosch (photo) used her home advantage to win in the Line Dance Social Adult Female group.

Linedance_EC_Taucha Day_1


14.05.2023 - Cole-Pokal in Berlin (Tag 2)
Hier nun auch noch die Fotos des zweiten Tages Cole-Pokal 2023. Zwei Berliner Paare waren an diesem beiden Tagen im Cole-Sport-Center wahre Pokaljäger. Während Christian Kuschel & Heike Marx (Foto) zweimal die Masters III B gewannen und jeweils in der anschließenden A-Klasse den zweiten Platz belegten, gewannen Robert Janik & Elena Friese zweimal die Masters III A und wurden am Samstag in der darauf folgenden S-Klasse Dritte.



14.05.2023 - Cole-Pokal in Berlin (Tag 1)
Am vergangenen Wochenende gingen beim Cole-Pokal die Paare der Masters in verschiedenen Alters- und Leistungsgruppen an den Start. Am Samstag waren dies die Masters III, IV und V jeweils bis zur S-Klasse. Die Masters III S gewannen souverän Stefan Jacob und Margit Stiebritz (Foto) vom btc Grün-Gold Berlin mit fünf gewonnenen Tänzen und allen “1”.



12.05.2023 - German Championships Equality Dance in Berlin (Day 2)
On the second day  too, there was an excellent atmosphere in the dance hall. Both titles in the 40+ age group remained in the capital Berlin. Dorothea Arning & Almut Freund won the women's Latin. Simone Biagini & Thomas Bensch also managed to defend the German Champion title in the men's standard. In the 16+ age group of the women's standard, the title went to Julia Path & Agnes Schubert. Andy Jekel & Michael Bartsch from Aachen won the men's Latin. One of the highlights of the day was the show couple presentation by Tania & Ines Dimitrova from Berlin (photo).

German Championships Equality Dance (Day 2)


07.05.2023 - German Championships Equality Dance in Berlin (Day 1)
The first day of the Equality Championships starts with Women 40+ Standard/ Men 40+ Latin and Women 18+ Latin/ Men 18+ Standard. Right from the start there was a great atmosphere in the full hall of the btc Grün-Gold. Both German championship titles for women went to Cologne. The 40+ class won Andrea Wagner/Katrin Ryborz, the 18+ Magdalena Bauchmüller/Marina Hüls. Andreas Gußmann-Kort/Gerd Rücker from Frankfurt a.M. won the title for men 18+. A championship title stayed in Berlin, even in the btc Grün-Gold. Simone Biagini/Thomas Bensch (photo) won the Berlin Bear in the men's class 40+ Latin.

German Championships Equality Dance (Day 1)


07.04.2023 - Berlin Dance Festival 2023 - WDSF World Ch. Senior III and Int. Open Adult Latin (Sunday)
The third and last day of the Berlin Dance Festival 2023 brought us the second world championship this weekend in Berlin. The Seniors III showed us that you can still conjure up excellent Latin dancing on the dance floor even at an older age. In the second competition of the day, the Adults Latin showed their skills. Photo: Artur Balandin and Anna Salita (Bochum) on place 1 in the adults.



07.04.2023 - Berlin Dance Festival 2023 - WDSF World Open Adult & Senior II Standard (Saturday)
The multiple German champions in standard dances Tomas & Violetta Fainsil (Stuttgart/ photo) were also present at the second edition of the Berlin Dance Festival in Berlin. This year 76 couples competed in the WDSF World Open Adult competition. From the start, the bronze medalists from the last World Championships left no doubt as to who would win here. So they ended up on the top step of the winners' podium.



07.04.2023 - Berlin Dance Festival 2023 - WDSF World Championship 10 Dance Senior II (Saturday)
The next photos of Berlin Dance Festival 2023 are ready. On Saturday early in the morning Seniors II started with their World Championships 10 Dance. 50 couples want to get the gold medal, but only one couple was able to win it. At the end Ruben Viciana Lopez and Eva Moya from Spain were the winners. Best couple from Germany was Alexander and Marina Engel (photo). They won the silver medal and are the Vice World Champions!!!